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Core workshops cover topics that take you or your team to the next level of courageous and confident leadership. The programs are geared towards focusing on identifying the roadblocks, getting clear, navigating your path and reaching your destiny. This involves mindset re-engineering, willingness to get to the root cause and the determination to thrive.

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CYU Academy

Is a multiple discipline academy that avails its signature programs, as well as individual and group coaching. However, no matter the program chosen, the mission of Coaching You Upward remains the same - We are committed to YOUR goal attainment and development. We are committed to assisting you to Get Clear, Get Strategic, Get Moving, so that you can Refocus, Reframe and Reclaim Your Brilliance.

After all, why stumble into your destiny, when you can lay a strategic foundation to get to your destiny? 

Who is this for?

Corporations and women who recognize or who are in the process of recognizing that they are part of the core fabric of what makes a corporate company, small business, family, and the world great. 

A woman's intrinsic value cannot be diminished, they are a key component of familial and professional structures. So Why procrastinate any longer? It is time to re-claim YOUR destiny.  Why do it alone and experience burn-out and or waste time?


This is the step where you Refocus, Reframe your mindset so that you can Reclaim your Brilliance. You're always ready to take on new challenges and win the day, weeks and the years to come.

Some of Our Key Programs...

This is a two-week program that provides you with effective tools to Activate Your Peace, so that you can truly grow mentally, physically and emotionally. Stress is all around you, however it does not have to hold us hostage. Say it with me - I Say No To Stress.

This is a 2-week program that helps your Better Regulate Your Emotions. Becoming aware of how your EQ aids in your ability to influence through persuasive strategies. This is important because the very essence of the things you do everyday lie in deepest parts of your subconscious. Your gifts are waiting on you to make room.

This is a 4-week program that helps you to take off the mask. Stop allowing overwhelm to affect your confidence. Better Regulate Your Emotions. Develop your ability to influence through persuasive strategies and courageous and confident leadership. 


Frame work - Discovery | Rewiring | Reclaiming


While each workshop can be custom built to suit our clients' needs, generally our workshops range from 2 to 4-weeks in duration. These programs help to you to "better regulate your emotions;"  while others may assist you with fortifying your leadership through strengthening your confidence and overcoming "overwhelm". Develop your ability to influence through persuasive strategies. Understanding that your expertise is yours and the very essence of the things you do everyday lie in deepest parts of your subconscious. 


The next step is to undo all the hard-wired components of your not-so good mindset and this involves undoing wrong thinking, bad habits and anything else that is detrimental to you seeing yourself in a positive light.


This is the step where we reclaim you what you is rightfully yours through purposeful actions!  It is your Birthright!

Workshops are best for those who thrive in group settings...


Corporate Trainings

Small Businesses

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Some Topics...

✅ Pressure to Pearls

✅ Women Don't Quit

✅ Resiliency on Wall Street

✅ What is Your Professional Currency?

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Some of the most productive sessions includes note taking ....

You have Choices...

Activate Your Peace

Activate Your Brilliance

Activate Your Destiny

Choose the Journal that Speaks to your present path...

Use these journals to record all your instantaneous thoughts.
✍🏿Make notes to discover what triggers your immediate thinking about yourself and the things that surround.

✍🏽What's that aha- aha moment that you had. 

✍️Create your mind-maps to chart your next action steps over the next 3-6 months.

✍🏽"Sketch out your thoughts."

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Testimonial -Meet Marion K.

Digital Media Content Manager & Past Client

""How do we get this program to reach a massive audience? As the world needs it!

I would recommend anyone to take the Activate Your Destiny program. Because for me, the first session really made me aware of myself, my environment & how I can influence it to better suite me. While the second session heighten my awareness, of how do I react/response, as I am not an island; how do I incorporate other people? Also being taught about the causes of conflict, so you can understand it even before the conflict happens. It is like to be forearmed is to be forewarned, it is like we already know how to become the solution. That really resonated with me.

Let us coach you or your team, so we can show you how to Reset - Refocus - Reframe and Activate Your Brilliance...

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