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11 Tips To Bring Out The Bad-Ass Leader In You

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Confidence | Leadership| Life Coaching

Ladies, does this sounds remotely familiar?  The woman you were in your 20's is not the woman you are now. Your life experiences, both personally and professionally, have helped to shape and color your lens on life and leadership. But YOU are not done yet! 

Rather You are evolving? YES, YES!

Now, imagine waking up and deciding on this is the Day, that I Re-define what Success means to Me! YES, YES!! Knowing that Nothing is Impossible when YOU put mindset first and focused action follows. Is there more to achieving my destiny? You got that Right!

The only left to do is to Get Clear. Get Strategic. Get Moving. Because the Time is Now to fortify your leadership and confidently build the strategies to navigate your Destiny. But, why do it alone? And you do not after to, the Coaching You Upward is here for you, every step of the way!  

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Leadership/Life Coaching & Journals

Coaching| One-on-One Mindset Development | Mind Journals

Need a way to track your mindset journey on a daily basis? Do you want to be able to listen to my coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home? Visit my store and get ready to  activate your brilliance.

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Hi, I'm Judy-Ann Chung, MBA

I'm a known as the Brilliance Activator, Confidence, Leadership, Life Coach, and Speaker, who helps women own their Badassery by unlocking the secret to cutting through mental roadblocks to unveil and reset their powerful mindset, strengthen their confidence tap in their creativity, boldly unbox their talents and become unstoppable. 

It was her own life experiences from setbacks, her warrior spirit, the immense joy that she derives from helping people in both formal and informal settings that gave rise to her finally yielding to her calling - Coaching.

Judy-Ann Chung fully enjoys the fast pace of involved in working on Wall Street. She is a Vice President in the investment banking sector. Judy-Ann's believes that if you are going to do anything whether small or grand... do it in excellence. She is often heard saying, 'operate in a spirit of excellence." Judy-Ann holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, and a Leadership Coaching Certification.

❇️You Are Enough!!❇️

Courageous Confidence

I help you to: 

 Focus, Reset, Re-frame and Activate Your Brilliance

Leadership Coaching


Focused sessions which make you the center of attention. It's all about you and I'm here to make you feel as comfortable as possible...

Life Coaching

Phone Call

Afraid to meet in person due to Covid-19? Schedule a 1-on-1 call with me and I'll take you through the paces of the much needed mindset shift...

Group Coaching

Virtual Group/Onsite

Join in with like-minded professionals  who are strategic visionaries as hungry as you are to tap into their brilliance...

Testimonial -Meet Wadeeha Jackson

Senior Compliance Director | Entrepreneur

"I want to take the opportunity to thank Judy-Ann for her professionalism and integrity during the process of helping me transition from employee to entrepreneur. I worked with Judy-Ann for over 10 years and she was once my mentor and now coach and has helped me to really identify my purpose in both my nonprofit business and career progression within my industry. 

I find Judy-Ann’s service to be outstanding she's very professional she gives you what you need. She doesn't sugarcoat anything, she pretty much will stretch you to your goals which you need to be uncomfortable in order to get to the next level. I recommend her service to anyone who's looking to progress in their career either in their industry, rising that corporate ladder or just looking to navigate throughout their professional lives and transition in a new industry or transitioned in entrepreneurship. 

I truly enjoyed working with Judy-Ann and have seen the results and my outlook at how I approach things and how I look at things.  I would truly recommend her service for anyone looking get to their next and their purpose."

At CYU Academy there are multiple programs to assist you in making that mindset shift. 

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